Thursday, September 11, 2008

another monitor!

Since I couldn't fix zonescreen, even installing their own virtual display driver, I bought a damaged LCD off Ebay. It has some blemishes/black areas but other than that they say it works fine. Since it's going to be the left side window, such damage is acceptable.

Once this gets here, it's time to do some serious flying.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

zonescreen does not play well with FSX

I was able to use zonescreen to simulate a 4th monitor.

I have an ATI 9550 with only one monitor connected to it.

What I did is I went into the ati catalyst software and forced it to detect a TV connected to the second port of the ATI 9550. I only have one real monitor connected to that card.

then I was able to enable that monitor in display/control panel. And then I used zonescreen, with the laptop as a client.

But trying to use it with zonescreen resulting in zonescreen, then FSX crashing.

So I geuss it's either the maxivista software or an used monitor from ebay. The difference in price is negligible if you are willing to go with a cheap LCD or CRT.